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My name is Rochelle Fleming and I am the proud owner of Rochelle’s Hair Studio, a multicultural hair salon, located in Wilmington NC. In addition to owning my hair studio since 2015, I am also the founder of R.H.S Beauty Academy. Which is a unique and innovative beauty school that will allow students the opportunity to become a licensed professional in the hair industry.


 I have over fourteen years in the industry as a professional licensed cosmetologist and stylist. I’ve been doing hair for over twenty-five years, starting at the age of ten years old in my mother’s home. 


I love everything about the hair, fashion, and beauty industry as well as meeting new people and helping them achieve their desired looks. I enjoy mentoring new and upcoming stylist to meet their full potential. 


As a salon owner and stylist I possess strong interpersonal skills, management skills as well as a wide range of knowledge and hair techniques that I have mastered throughout the years. As my mission , I specialize in healthy hair care; as maintaining the integrity of the hair is always the first priority. I take pride in maintaining a strong client retention rate. At R.H.S we have received multiple 5-star reviews and great written reviews on social media. 


I believe in the importance of continued education and drive to stay at the forefront of the hair care industry while enhancing product knowledge, services and mastering various techniques. 


I’m excited about RHS Beauty Academy, a natural hair school and its mission to be a full cosmetology school in the near future. I’m excited to teach the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired over the years in the beauty industry and entrepreneurialism and management .


I have a passion for teaching and helping individuals grow. This is what drove me to bring my academy to Wilmington, N.C and the surrounding areas, where I know it can foster positive opportunities to the Community. 

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